Fun Pine Cone DIY Ideas and Crafts for Kids

Pinecone Monster Halloween Wreath Tutorial

Seasonal wreaths are must-haves in every crafter’s repertoire of magic tricks, undoubtedly. This one designed by our favorite team of Craftaholics Anonymous is truly outstanding! And not as difficult to make as it looks, trust us! This genius project won’t take much of your precious time.

Pinecone Halloween Wreath

The instructions and the photos are available on Craftaholics Anonymous:


The video tutorial is on YouTube here.

Pine Cone Pumpkins

Subtle and simple – these are the two adjectives that come to mind when you look at this lovely DIY autumn decoration. If you are working on your seasonal centerpiece or decorative basket full of wonders, you should certainly consider this idea by Crayon Box Chronicles.

DIY Pine Cone Pumpkins


The instructions and the photos are available on Crayon Box Chronicles:


Pinecone Hedgehog Craft

Oh, just look at this squad of cuties by Kids’ Craft Room! Are you running out of ideas for creative playdates for your children and their friends? No worries, DIY is always a good idea! All the little crafters will have so much fun working on their own pinecone hedgehogs. Actually…you will too!

Pinecone Hedgehog Craft

The instructions and the photos are available on the Kids’ Craft Room:



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