Modern Embroidery Upcycle


Welcome, craft lovers! Are you in the mood to create some magic today? Let us present the Modern Embroidery Upcycle to you!

Are you intrigued by the embroidery ideas and patterns we have come upon? If you are a creative soul looking for a new hobby, you may have just landed in the right corner of the internet. Embroidery is an inexpensive, super relaxing hobby that is not as difficult to get into as it seems. Trust us, we’ve all been intimidated at the start! Before you start shopping for supplies, take a minute to reflect on the embroidery ideas you would like to try.

We have prepared an awesome list to get you in the creative mood! The Modern Embroidery Upcycle will make you feel inspired to make the world around you a better, more beautiful place. Are you convinced already? Without a doubt! Start by learning simple embroidery stitches and planning color palettes that will amaze everyone. There will be time for more complex embroidery patterns later!


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15 Stitches Every Embroiderer Should Know

This article by The Spruce Crafts is such a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration. We are so happy that we have found it, really. This is why we simply had to share it with you the minute we finished reading! Go find your favorite stitch and get to work!

Stitches for Embroiderers


The photos are available on The Spruce Crafts:


Do You See a Hole or an Artwork?

We see a lot of creativity and talent, that’s for sure! If you want to give your favorite pair of jeans a new life, you should certainly get inspired by the awesome Instagram feed Reduce and Renew creates. You will soon have two million ideas, trust us! Embroidery lets you set your creative spirit free!


Jeans Embroidery


The photos are available on RENEW’s Instagram:


Collar Embroidered with Flowers

This is a project for all the embroidery-loving romantic souls out there. Aren’t you enchanted already? We certainly are and we can’t wait to wear our versions of this beautiful top. The floral collar makes our hearts beat faster! What do you feel when you look at it? Let us know right after you visit Plystre I Warunee’s Instagram!

Collar Embroidered with Flowers


The photos are available on Plystre I Warunee’s Instagram:


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