The Best Crochet and Macramé Market Bags

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For today’s dose of inspirations, we have chosen The Best Crochet and Macramé Market Bags. Are you intrigued? We are definitely super excited as these designs are so fashionable, practical, and pretty! If you have never heard of the macramé technique, you should know that it is an amazing type of fiber art that gives us so many possibilities and so much room for creative expression. We can use basic materials like cotton twine, different sorts of yarn, jute, or hemp in order to make various kinds of crafts from bags to wall decorations. You simply have to try macramé to get the idea of what we are talking about today! We bet you are going to love it. If you are in the mood for something else though, we have a nice selection of classic crochet patterns here as well. What are you going to choose? The market bag of your dreams awaits!

Easy Macramé Market Bag

Have you decided to give the macramé technique a try? Brilliant! This stylish, minimalist project might inspire you to explore the beauty of neutral shades. Beige and gray never go out of fashion as they are versatile enough to complete all kinds of outfits. Will this be your first macramé bag? Let us know!



The video tutorial is here:


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Slow Fashion Macramé Market Bag

This awesome handmade bag has a dense, solid structure and a very unusual form. It definitely looks like it can easily keep all your essentials safe and sound all day long. If you are a beginner to the macramé technique, this pattern will guide you.

Slow Fashion Macrame Market Bag


The full article about the pattern and the photos are here:


Granny Rocco Bags

It is time to make all the crocheters here smile! How do you like this charming set of granny square bags? We are so into them! You can easily master this pattern even if you are still at the beginning of your crocheting journey. What color will you go for first?

Granny Rocco Bags

The full article about the pattern and the photos are here:


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