The Best Fat Quarter Projects

Hello, lovely crafters! Get ready to talk about a very exciting technique today. Have you heard about sewing with fat quarters already? Let’s see!

If you are a passionate quilter, you probably know all about fat quarters by now, right? Let’s explain it to the rest of the crafting crowd though! A fat quarter is a one-fourth yard cut of fabric that usually measures 18″ x 22″.  Yes, it is all about the way we cut your fabrics to make the dimensions suit our needs. Fat quarters are great for patchworks and appliques and very popular, therefore you can easily find a wide range of them in quilt shops. So convenient, isn’t it? We recommend you get equipped before diving into today’s list of The Best Fat Quarter Projects because you are going to want to start working on at least a few of them right away!

Pocket Pillow

You are going to dream every night away after resting your head on this lovely DIY pillow. If you are a fan of bedtime reading, this sewing pattern is just the thing for you. So practical and so charming all at the same time! We can say we are quite impressed!

DIY Pocket Pillow

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Mini Wallet Tutorial

This adorable handmade wallet will keep your savings safe, no doubt about it! With this tutorial in your repertoire of magic tricks, you will never worry about losing your ID, credit cards, or money anymore. On top of that, these floral patterns are everything!

Mini Wallet Tutorial


The full article about the tutorial and the photos are here:


Doll Making Bumper Pack

Have you ever thought about making your own doll? Well then, now you have the opportunity to make your childhood dream come true! You can decide on every little detail here in order to create the handmade fat quarter doll of your dreams.

Doll Making Bumper Pack

The full article about the pattern and the photos are here:


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