The Best DIY Ideas for Thanksgiving

Welcome, craft lovers! Are you already feeling the festive Thanksgiving spirit? These DIY Ideas will help you prepare your house for joyful celebrations!

How are you doing these days, passionate homemakers? We hope you are staying safe, sound, and happy! Are you feeling inspired? Are your creative powers still there? Or maybe you are lacking ideas for new craft projects? Either way, you have definitely landed in the right corner of the internet today. And of our website, without a doubt! We have been searching for The Best DIY Ideas for Thanksgiving for weeks and we can say that our mission is now completed successfully. We are so looking forward to hearing what you think about these Thanksgiving-themed crafts! Don’t be a stranger!


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Flower Pot Turkey Craft

What a beautiful craft idea! This project is vibrating with lovely colors and fresh energy. We bet your children will have plenty of fun working on their own versions of these handmade Flower Pot Turkeys. Help them let your creativity shine bright this fall! We love Color Made Happy!

Flower Pot Turkeys

The original pattern and the photos are available on Color Made Happy:


DIY Corn on the Cob Craft

This is such a cool idea! Sweet, tiny, colorful, this handmade accessory can be used in a variety of ways. This means it is an awesome gift idea, that’s for sure! This craft created by Party Mama Crafts will be a pretty keychain, Thanksgiving decoration element, or lucky charm.

DIY Corn on the Cob Craft


The photos are available on PartyMamaCrafts’ Instagram:


DIY Clay-Made Turkeys

It is almost unbelievable that these little t-light candle holders are actually very simple to make! The turkey motif is a must-have in every crafter’s repertoire of magic tricks this time of the year. Will you keep these wonders to yourself or gift them to a loved one? Create & Craft TV will help you decide!

DIY Clay-Made Turkeys

The photos are available on Create & Craft TV Instagram:


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