The Best DIY Jewelry Ideas

Hello there, DIY-lovers! Guess what? We are being fancy today! These ideas for handmade jewelry will sweep you off your feet!

Do your jewelry boxes and stands seem a bit empty to you? Don’t worry, we get that feeling and here we come to your rescue. These budget-friendly, handmade wonders will make you shine bright like a diamond! If you are looking for inspiration for presents for your friends and the women in your family, you should definitely put these tutorials on your list right away. We have been searching for The Best DIY Jewelry Ideas for some time now and we feel like we did a great job!

Tunisian Hoop Earrings

These crochet earrings are vibrating with boho charm! We all love this style for spring and summer, don’t we? If you want to make a precious gift for your bestie or add something to your jewelry drawer, you have just found the right pattern. Enjoy!

Tunisian Hoop Earrings Free Crochet Pattern

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Lilac Flower Earrings

These lilac flowers look so realistic, don’t they? You can use them to make a pair of precious earrings, obviously, but you can also sprinkle them around your crochet blankets and other projects. If you like working on tiny details, you will have so much fun with designs.

Lilac Flower Earrings Crochet Pattern

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Moon Fringe Earrings

Big earrings have been trending for some time now, right? We think they are not going anywhere anytime soon, therefore we have decided to show these beauties to you today. The moon motif is super hot as well! Do you feel inspired already?

Moon Fringe Earrings

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