The Best DIY Paper Decor Ideas

Welcome, lovely people! Guess what? We are throwing a house party today, and we are doing it in style! These decorations will steal your craft-loving hearts.

Do you like to receive guests at your lovely house? Do you often organize play dates and themed parties for your children and their friends? With this fabulous mini-collection of The Best DIY Paper Decor Ideas, you won’t run out of inspiration sources for a really long time! All the DIY projects we are sharing with you today are vibrating with positive energy and festive spirit. They are colorful and, most importantly, amazingly easy to make! You can delegate simple tasks to your little helpers. Team spirit is everything! Well then, are you ready to get the party started?

DIY Cup Lightings Decor

We are starting today’s list with an idea that is amazingly simple and yet so spectacular. If you want to add a bit of magic to your interior decor, put the decorative lights you use during Christmas to good use. It’s a fantastic idea for your home and garden!

DIY Cup Lightings Decor

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Rainbow Fan Garland

The rainbow craze continues! If you are a part of the online community of crafters, you have probably noticed that rainbows are everywhere these days. It is our way to share the love and express solidarity! Can you imagine a better one? We definitely can’t!

Rainbow Fan Garland DIY


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Paper Fan Backdrop

This lovely DIY decoration will make your house look so adorable! Hang these colorful circles on the walls and in the windows and enjoy the festive spirit. No special occasion needed! Will you go for the plain option or for some crazy patterns?

Paper Fan Backdrop DIY

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