The Best Last-Minute Mother’s Day DIY Ideas

Have you just realized that this year’s Mother’s Day is much closer than you think? Don’t panic, we have got you covered! These ideas for handmade gifts will amaze you!

Mother’s Day is definitely one of the most important days in the calendar all around the world! We may be different, but we all have one thing in common. We want to celebrate the love for women who love us and take care of us all our lives and think about us around the clock, not only on May the 10th. As a crafter, you are probably aware that there is no better way to say thank you than with a handmade gift.  With our awesome list of The Best Last-Minute Mother’s Day DIY Ideas, you will be ready on time to surprise your mom with something wonderful.  Dive in right away though because there is not much time left!

DIY Floral Temporary Tattoo

Have you ever dreamt about a tattoo…on a mug? Yes, you have read it correctly. In the world of DIY and crafts, everything is possible! This lovely tutorial will take you through all the steps of the creative process. You will end up with a beautiful set of mugs your mother is going to love!

DIY Floral Temporary Tattoo

The full article about the DIY and the photos are here:


“You are the most magical Mom ever!” Card

Hello there, crocheters! We always remember about you, don’t we? If you want to put your amazing skills to good use before Mother’s Day, this idea may be just what you were looking for. You are probably familiar with Golden Lucy Craft’s impressive collection of appliques, right? This is a new idea on how to use them!

You are the most magical Mom ever! DIY Card

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You can find free crochet patterns for appliques here: owl, unicorn


Homemade Mother’s Day Gift – Nail Art

Wow, this handmade Mother’s Day gift is truly spectacular! If you have ever made something similar, it will be easy as pie for you. If, on the other hand, your first nail art project is still ahead of you, these instructions will guide you straight to success.

Homemade Nail Art

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