The Best Cardboard Crafts for Kids

Welcome, DIY-lovers! This post is going to be a treat for all the crafty parents out there. Do you sometimes run out of ideas for creative projects for your little ones? Keep calm!

You don’t need to worry about your children getting bored anymore because here we come to your rescue with our awesome list of The Best Cardboard Crafts for Kids. Most of these tutorials are available for free an only require you to gather the most basic supplies. We bet you have plenty of spare cardboard boxes in your garage. The effects of all these online shopping sprees, right? Don’t worry about that either, we won’t tell anyone! Get the boxes ready, wake up your inner Bob the Builder and make something awesome for your kids! You can definitely get them involved in the creative process as well.

DIY Recycled Suspension Bridge

Oh, the suspension bridges! Aren’t they all somehow fascinating for all of us? You can teach your children about world’s most famous bridges while you work on this exciting DIY project. You are going to need an empty cereal box, toilet paper rolls and some tape.

DIY Recycled Suspension Bridge

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Articulated Grabber

Wow, we are not kids anymore, but we would still be thrilled to operate this DIY cardboard grabber! It would make our lives so much easier. We bet you won’t stop after making just one for your child either. Such an easy project can bring you all so much fun!

Articulated Grabber DIY

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DIY Cardboard Video Game

If your kids feel like they need more screen time, this Cardboard Video Game is the perfect alternative for them. It will stimulate their imagination and creativity for sure! This fun project is amazingly easy, all you need to do is check out the video tutorial on the author’s Instagram.

DIY Cardboard Video Game

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