The Best DIY Outdoor Planters

Welcome, green-fingered craft-lovers! We have prepared a special treat for you today. With this list of DIY ideas, you will up your planting game in no time!

The weather gets better every day and we are spending more and more time outdoors. If you are lucky enough to have your own garden, you are probably busy taking care of it right now and preparing it for summer, right? We bet you are full of positive energy, aren’t you? If you were thinking about spicing things up in your garden this season, this list of The Best DIY Planters will certainly be of interest to you. The tutorials we have found will make you feel so creative! Working on your new planters will be such a pleasant process, trust us on this one! You will get to clear your mind and relax in the open air. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? Let’s dive in!

Build Your Own Self Watering Planter

This self-watering DIY planter is classy and practical! If you are one of these people who have always dreamt about growing their own fruits and veggies, this tutorial will be a great starting point for making your dreams come true.

Build Your Own Self Watering Planter

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Recycled Wine Barrel Planter

Do you have a wine barrel to spare? If you don’t, all the other types of containers will work as well! Find one that suits your needs and transform it into a beautiful flower garden. This is a great idea for a patio and a balcony as well! You don’t need a huge garden to enjoy it!

Recycled Wine Barrel Planter diy

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Hanging Rain Gutter Planters

Have you ever thought about making your own hanging planters and filling them with beautiful flowers? There is no better way to decorate your walls in spring and summer, no doubt about it! If you have no idea where to start, this tutorial will guide you.

DIY Hanging Rain Gutter Planters

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